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If you had time to read the article I wrote on “Leasing Deer Hunting Land”, I briefly brought up the site I use very frequently for everything that has to do with leasing land for hunting. The name of the organization is the American Hunting Lease Association (AHLA) and I would like to basically give you guys a review on this organization and it’s website.


One Stop Shopping

I originally stumbled upon this site because I was having some issues finding good places to hunt deer. I had lost a few of my private spots all in the same year and all just prior to the opening of archery season, so needless to say, I was scrambling. I did not have much time at all to go knocking on doors and asking permission so I did a quick search on leasing land.

AHLA was one of the first sites that popped up so I checked it out. Not only did the site have a really nice search tool to find available land to lease, in multiple states, it had so much more! The most important aspect is probably the actual lease insurance giving you, your hunting party, and the landowner peace of mind for enjoyable hunting experiences.

Benefits of Hunting Lease Insurance

  • Protects the landowner and the hunter from legal liability that both parties AHLA2assume.(You aren’t fully protected by a hunting lease or by common law. Learn more below.)


  • Provides legal defense in court for both insured parties. Defense expenses for the hunter and the landowner are included in the coverage.


  • Impresses prospective landowners with your commitment to responsible and safe hunting.


  • Creates the opportunity for a safe hunting experience, without the competition found on public land.


  • Hunting lease insurance, also known as hunting club insurance, is the best way to protect your hunting club. It allows you to focus more on the enjoyment of the hunt and less about liability concerns should an issue arise.

How Do I Gain Permission to Hunt

Not only is the AHLA site a great resource for finding leases and insuring those leases, there are many other tools (PDFs, E-Books, and videos) that can help you out with your hunting endeavors. One of my favorites is a down load called the Front Porch Kit.

This helped me tremendously with tips and advice on gaining access to hunt from a landowner. Remember, you are asking to access their farm or property. That is a big ask in most cases, so make sure you are approaching the landowner with the respect and understanding they deserve. Use the tools provided in this kit to demonstrate to the landowner that you are willing to address their risk with a hunting lease liability policy and agreeable to clear communication with a custom lease agreement.

If you do find a willing landowner, there is one more thing they usually appreciate. A simple visit. Stop in to say hello or visit from time to time.

A well-timed phone call in the off-season to say hello goes a long way towards building a relationship that will last. (There is a good chance you just might get some good scouting info out of them as well!)

Visit the Site

Please take some time and check out the American Hunting Lease Association (AHLA) here. I hope you find it as helpful as I did. Whether you are looking to find a lease, lease insurance, or just some tips on how to ask permission, this site is a very useful resource. They also cover Guide and Outfitting Insurance as well! Thanks for reading and please let me know by commenting below what you thought of the AHLA site or if you have any questions.

Yours in Hunting,


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