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Why did I chose Ohio for one of my deer hunting leases? Well, for one, I’m from PA. A 6-hour drive for me is nothing to do some “out of state” hunting. But the main reason, I do believe Ohio is a hidden gem when it comes to big whitetails! All you have to do is take a look at the record books over the past years! Or maybe, if you’re a hunter, you remember the Beatty Buck! Take a look at this monster! Non-Typical, 304-inch giant, shot with a long bow in Green County, year 2000!







The # 1 Typical was taken in 2004 in Warren County with a crossbow. Over 201 inches of beautiful head decorations!

So you know the genetics are there! The habitat is there! The food is there OhioBuck9with plenty of crops depending on the county you are hunting in or are looking to hunt in.

Look Up The Huge Ohio Bucks Yourself!

If you don’t want to believe me, or need some extra proof as to why I’m touting the Buckeye State as your next stop to harvest a big buck look it up for yourself!

The Ohio Division of Wildlife and the Buckeye Big Buck Club has combined its efforts in putting together an easy access data base with all of Ohio’s record bucks.

Check it out here:

Ohio Buck Database

Do Some Research!

As I mentioned, there are plenty of excellent areas in Ohio to find big bucks. AHLA2But do your own research. Check out my affiliate site, American Hunting Lease Association, to find what leases are currently available. And there are plenty left for this year to be found.

Check out the link I left above to the Ohio DNR. Look at where these big bucks are being harvested and try to find a place to hunt near there.

My lease happens to be in Vinton County. And let me tell you it is a great area! Check out some of my trail camera pictures from this year!






There is currently a lease available in Vinton and a few more at neighboring counties (Gallia and Scioto), and you can get more details at the AHLA site, but you must act quick and check often as these leases come up and get filled pretty fast!





Low Hunting Pressure

One of the key aspects of a good hunting lease or just a good hunting area in general is hunting pressure. The lower the better obviously!

I’m used to doing most of my hunting in North East PA. Hunting pressure can be pretty high there so say the least! During shotgun season (the counties I hunt do not allow rifles) it can sound like a war zone at times!

The first thing I noticed that first year I hunted Ohio during shotgun season was how quiet it was! I was thinking to myself, with all this great deer habitat, all these farms, all these beautiful woods and fields, and hardly any shooting going on.

I honestly do not know why that is, but I’m not going to complain about it that’s for sure! But when I keep getting pictures like this year after year, I can tell you these deer are definitely not over-hunted! At least in area I hunt which is South Central.

One Buck!

I believe another reason Ohio has been producing such quality bucks is because you can only shoot 1! This is the same in my home state of PA and I believe it’s a great law. One buck per person, per year.



Cuddeback 3 + 1 Pack


This and allowing hunters to harvest more than 1 doe (if you purchase an extra permit) helps to keep a healthy buck to doe ratio. Add in the low hunting pressure and everything else stated above and you will be hard-pressed not to have a great hunting experience!

Give An Ohio Lease a Shot!

If you do end up giving the Buckeye state a shot with a great hunting experience don’t forget to let us know here at how it went. What County did you hunt? What kind of experience did you have? How did it compare to hunting your home state? Would you recommend to other hunters? And of course, pictures are always a plus!

Hope you enjoyed this post and good luck this season!

Yours in Hunting,



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    1. Sounds like a good idea. You can always try to find some public land to hunt as well, but being I’m from PA, it was just easier to go the lease route. It’s a little to far for that. A lease just worked out for us. Now we have 5 guys for the season for about 250 acres. 400 bucks a man isn’t too bad for some quality hunting for the season! Let me know if you decide to hunt there (lease or public land) and how you make out. Good luck this year!

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