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Hello everyone, my name is Spence and welcome to my Deer Hunting And More Website!  I hope this website becomes a great resource for deer hunting in general and all that it implies!  Guns, archery, tactics, apparel, equipment, and anything else that gets us hunters excited about hunting!  Deer hunting has been, and still is a huge passion of mine to say the least!

My dad started My boys my buck and meme out as soon as I could get a license at the age of 12 years old.  33 years later (yes, I’m getting old) I get just as excited today as I did when I was a kid.  I still have those sleepless nights prior to opening day, dreaming of that huge buck possibly walking by my stand!   Add my 2 teenage boys, who are also becoming avid hunters, the excitement just grows and grows!



I grew up hunting the woods of Pennsylvania and I would be outdoors every chance I could.  When I was younger, finding a place to hunt was not much of an issue.  I had 2 uncles’ with small farms that totaled about 200 acres.  I had permission to hunt several private properties (neighboring farms, homes with some land, etc) from which I gained permission simply by knocking on some doors and politely asking if I could hunt.  And believe it or not, back then, I would get a lot more “Yes’s” than “No’s”!

Well times have certainly changed!  My 2 uncles have since passed away and those farms are now housing developments. Most private properties with enough land to hunt have those dreaded yellow “POSTED, NO HUNTING” signs on every other tree around the property. And when I do go and knock on doors to politely ask permission I get A LOT more “No’s” than “Yes’s!  This certainly makes continuing my passion and ability to find hunting spots a bit tougher, but it certainly is not impossible!  And there is always the option of hunting public land.  There are many state game lands, state forest, etc. throughout Pennsylvania that are also options to hunt.


Have you ever woken up before first light, drove to the state game lands you have been scouting out the prior months, only to show up and see 20 other trucks in the parking lot? Once the sun begins to rise you see that you are surrounded by a fluorescent orange army!

I don’t want to put public land hunting down, and I have done very well on public land at times, but with how difficult it is to gain access to a private honey hole these days, the only option for many hunters is to try to find public hunting land that is not hunted that hard (this is a difficult task sometimes).  I will say though that even on public grounds, archery season is a lot less crowded than shotgun or rifle.

With all this being said, I do prefer to hunt private land over public.  I may have to ask 20 or more farmers or home owners just to get one “YES”, but that yes could end up being one of your best spots!  I also recently began looking into and actually utilizing the “Leasing” option here in PA and Ohio which we will talk about in a future article.


When I was younger (teen years and early 20’s) I would hunt just as much small game as big.  My uncles farms were loaded, and I mean absolutely loaded with pheasants, rabbits, squirrels and doves.  It was great and I certainly miss it.  Unfortunately, PA has changed drastically for small game hunting.  One housing development after another or industrial parks have simply taken away much of these critters’ habitat and taken away much of my drive to hunt small game.  This is the main reason myself and my boys concentrate mostly on deer hunting now and it is what I would like to concentrate this website on.

I believe PA is slowly becoming one of the best states for big, mature whitetail deer!   And I do believe antler restrictions had a huge roll in this.  The whitetail are extremely adaptable to the growing population of people and buildings in PA.  It’s amazing how well they can flourish in small little patches of woods, even 5 acres or less!  If there is some food nearby and cover, they can make a home.  And it is for this reason that I often have some of my best luck hunting these small lots (often archery only) that 1 out of the 20 homeowners I asked that gave me permission to hunt!


There is no real “purpose” to this website.  I just wanted to start a site that myself and like-minded deer hunters can go to read about deer hunting.  Talk about deer hunting.  Learn about deer hunting tactics and the rut.   Discuss best guns, bows, treestands, blinds, and crossbows.  Basically, anything about deer hunting that gets your heart pumping as much as mine!

All the best,



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