Whitetail Deer Hunting Stories – Share Yours (2019)!

The whole point of Hunterpages is to share information on deer hunting and all that it implies. I want to make this website as interactive, informative, interesting, and nonjudgmental as possible.

I have to say, I did learn a lot about deer hunting from doing my own research (reading articles, watching videos, taking hunter courses, etc). But I will honestly say, I have actually learned the most over the year’s by simply listening to other hunters and their deer hunting stories!

Ohio Buck
Ohio Buck
Trail Cam Pic
Early November

Friendships That Are Made

The hunting community is generally a very tight-knit group. Once you find out someone you just met is a fellow hunter, well, you kind of automatically have to like that guy or gal. You immediately know that you have something you are passionate about in common. You immediately start sharing your hunting stories, what works, what doesn’t work, how that big boy got away, but he won’t get away next time!

You trade ideas on the equipment you use. What bows, arrows, broad heads do you prefer. What tree stand or ground blind do you think is the best. Who does your taxidermy. Do you hunt public or private land. What part of the rut do you think is best to kill a big buck. Are morning or evening hunts the best. I can go on and on.

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

What immediately follows a conversation with a newly found friend/hunter? The cell phones! And not necessarily to trade numbers. Although, that will sometimes happen. No, the phones come out and immediately go to the picture gallery. “Check out this nice 8-point I got during archery season; take a look at my son’s first doe; I have a picture here of a new bow I just purchased, what do you think of it?”

2018 Archery Buck
2018 Buck
Morning, Early Rut
Came into grunt call

That is what I would like to get going here. Once I figure out the best way to do it! For now, and until I get hunterpages.com just the way I want it, post any pictures you would like to share in the comment section to share with others. It can be pictures of past seasons or this year’s deer, Trail camera pictures you think are cool and worth sharing. Any equipment you may really love and think would be valuable to share with others. Basically, anything that has to do with deer hunting, concentrating on photos.

In The Near Future

My plan going forward is to have a separate page, The Game Pole, where

My Sons First Buck
My Sons First Buck
20 gauge Shotgun
9:30 am

anyone can post pictures of their deer kills for the season. And although pictures do paint a thousand words, a quick summary of your story to go along with it would be awesome to! Add your state, the date, the weapon it was killed with, and a story to go with it!

I really want to make this site a place for all of us deer hunters to come and learn and share. To create a small community of like-minded hunters that share the same passion.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you will get involved here at Hunterpages.com.

Yours in Hunting,


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